Nachlese 1: Kaplan in spe Trieu und seine Weihekollegen beenden Studien und beginnen neue Aufgaben!

Bericht aus den Bulletin der Jesuiten Europas (Brüssel)

The formation centre in London recently celebrated the deaconate ordination of men from six different provinces. The ordination was held on April 14th at Sacred Heart church in Wimbledon. Jerri Dias (Indien), Vincent Mulenga (Sambia), Trieu Nguyen (BRD), Juan Carlos Pallardel (Peru), Xavier Tharamel (Indien) and John Kim (Südkorea) were ordained deacons by Archbishop Peter Smith. The ordination was a cause for much celebration, and Sacred Heart church was packed with family members, fellow scholastics and supporters. This next year will see this diverse group disperse to many different places to continue their formation. Xavier will be completing a Master’s degree in inter-religious dialogue at Heythrop College in London. Jerri will be doing an STL in Theology at the Jesuit Theologate in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Vincent will be studying a Master’s degree in tropical medicine at the Tropical Medicine Institute in London. Juan Carlos will be going to Paris to study a Master’s degree in inter-religious dialogue at the Jesuit Theologate in Sèvres. John and Trieu will be getting pastoral experience during the coming year. John is going to Atlanta, Georgia, and Trieu will be going to Goettingen / Germany.

… Reported by Kalvin Grant Tungay (BRI-SAF), London
Photo: (Taken by Aniston Morais) From left to right: John, Juan Carlos, Xavier, Vincent, Trieu,
and Jerri.